Ceramic AF


Ceramic AF is a ceramic brand focusing on simple cottage-y styled ceramics that seamlessly blend with any other decor or ceramic lines. 

They have it all from mugs with profanity to simple motivational phrases. We are constantly releasing new phrases (20 new mugs every 4 months) so be sure to frequently check back.

Starting in 2019 all of Ceramic AF ceramics are now made with 100% porcelain instead of a blended clay mixture! This is a very exciting upgrade to their product and I just know you'll be so pleased with it!

ʙᴇɴᴇғɪᴛs of this change:
❗️ microwave safe 
❗️ less likely to craze (cracking in the glaze) or chip 
❗️higher quality and will last longer 
❗️ the ceramics are fired to a higher temperature that will allow the glazing and clay to be stronger and more resistant to the elements of your kitchen.


All Ceramic AF products are protected under copyright and trademark laws. Please do not duplicate or share without proper credit.

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