Unicorn Ceramic Mug  (Charity Partnership)

Unicorn Ceramic Mug (Charity Partnership)

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These super cute mugs are glazed inside with white, outside with clear, and black etched in lettering. 

Size: 5” tall and 12 ounce fluid capacity 

Brand: Ceramic AF

Note: the spacing on the top line of this mug is a little off and I have fixed the spacing for final production. It will be evenly spaced and this listing will be updated with an additional photo of the new sample soon.

About these "Cups of Love" . Each mug from the Cups of Love collection benefits a corresponding organization. $2 from every Unicorn mug sold is directly donated to the Dave Thomas Foundation. I chose this charity because its focus is finding foster kids forever homes. I believe every child is truly a unicorn, as they are one of a kind and will bring magical blessing to your life if you're lucky enough to find (adopt/foster) one. I hope to become a foster dad of my own in the future (I'm only 20 years old right now), focusing on children who are older than 12 who crucially need a stable environment as they merge into adulthood and high school. If you'd like to make an additonal donation please click here. Thank you so much for your support.- Andrew Fegler, owner.

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