Welcome to the {Last Name} Home :: Pet Version

  • $55.00

HOW TO CUSTOMIZE: In the "What would you like it to say" part please enter your choice of "THE LAST NAME" as well as your choice of word for "HOME" (homestead, home, farmhouse, cottage to name a few). Please specify if you have more than one dog and would like the sign to say "protective dogs on guard" No other parts of this sign can be customized. 

Signs can be customized in your choice of size and color so that it flawlessly blends in with your home decor. We currently to not offer different frame stain colors as we think the color we use, pairs perfectly with all the colors we offer.

This sign is made using the finest quality wood. Each sign is hand painted, sanded, and assembled with care in Monroe, WA. We take pride in our work and ensure you that our signs are of the highest quality! Please allow dimensions to vary up to 1” in length and width. Please note: wood is a natural product and as such, knots and splits may occur. We do not putty nor fix these ‘flaws’ as they are organic and add to the uniqueness of each piece.